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Hi, I'm Kate

kate culy

I firmly believe that everybody has a wealth of inner resources, and that it is my role to help them rediscover those

I could use this space to say how qualified I am and how you should choose me. However, I am not sitting in a lofty tower of having had it all together, and I’ve been in some challenging places. I know what it feels like when life keeps throwing things at you, but you have to keep going.

This was many years ago, and counselling was an essential part of my healing, helping me to feel safe and strong in my body, heal the past, recognise what is mine and what belongs to others, and most of all, trust and honour myself.

Originally a speech pathologist from the UK, I have also lived in New Zealand and northern Finland, settling in Australia in 1994. I have two adult children and live with my partner and my dog. I value movement and laughter and practice various ways to connect with my body to recharge.


I’ve always been fascinated with how some stories can become dominant and cause others to fade in significance. 


A young stroke survivor I worked with was told she would never talk again. Her recovery was slow until she could stare that story in the face and refuse to let it rule her, as she had so much to do.  


Years later, she was interviewed on television talking about stroke recovery.

Carl Jung

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all people

Through this person and many others, I realised that what I loved about my work was counselling, coaching and being a ‘cheerleader’. I recognised that inside everybody is a wealth of rich and multi-layered resources that can get drowned out by limiting beliefs.  

My Qualifications

Health Funds

I am a registered and recognised provider with Bupa and the Australian Regional Health Group (also known as Teachers Union Health).


Meet Charlie

I believed I would never be a dog person. Ooops!

I'm a bit obsessed with taking photos of seaweed

acknowledgement of country

My office is in Eltham, inhabited for thousands of years by the Wurundjeri-Willam clan (‘white gum dwellers’) of the Woi-wurrung-speaking people. I acknowledge their elders, past, present and emerging and their traditional healing ways.

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